Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares Game

Little Nightmares
  • Developer: Tarsier Studios
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Version: 1.3
User Rating: Rating 4.58

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Tarsier Studios
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Windows PC


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Lillian Morris

Little Nightmares is a 2D puzzle-platformer video game developed by Tarsier Studios. It was developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Software is set inside Maw, a vast, mysterious vessel populated by cruel, grotesque creatures. Player controls the protagonist, a little girl named Six, as she tries to escape Maw by exploring its many rooms and corridors. Horror game that is played from perspective of protagonist, Six. It is an adventure game about a girl looking for her lost friends. Your goal in Little Nightmares downloading free for PC is to find Six's friends, who are scattered all over place, while simultaneously exploring Maw, a huge vessel that is filled with danger. Product is filled with puzzles, stealth, scary moments.


Art style soft is fantastic. Animation is superb. Software is very colorful and cheerful. As one can tell by art style, this game is not scary. Graphics are very well done. Program is dark, but all of scenery is vivid and colorful. Every room is full of detail. Software is very smooth, doesn't lag at all. Graphics are simple but effective. World of Little Nightmares on PS4 is dark, but not too dark, is not too difficult to see in, even when lights are out. Graphics are not what you would expect from a horror game, but they are still good enough for game. Graphics in Little Nightmares game free playing are a very important aspect. Software has a pixelated interface which is a stark contrast to high definition graphics of today. Backgrounds are dark and heavily textured with colors. Animations are great lighting is good.


Player controls protagonist, a little girl named Six. They must navigate Maw, solve puzzles and avoid many dangers within. Puzzles are quite easy to understand and figure out. The game is not very challenging. Gameplay of Little Nightmares free downloading for PC is fun and challenging. It's filled with puzzles, but there are monsters to avoid. You can play with a friend in co-op mode. Gameplay is like any other adventure game. You collect items, solve puzzles, explore. Software is filled with puzzles that are not too difficult. Product is creepy and scary, but it is not impossible. Gameplay has a very slow pace to it, but it is not so slow that it gets boring. Product is very easy to use, there are only a few buttons to worry about and they are all self-explanatory. One of things I liked about soft is that it is not as easy as it looks. Levels are not all same and it takes some time to get to next level. Gameplay is very simple, with player controlling Six in game. Player can move Six with arrow keys or WASD keys. There are some puzzles in soft, but they are all very easy. In Little Nightmares on PC game, you must navigate your way through a forest trying to avoid dark figures, which is only way to progress. Product starts with a short scene where a small child is being chased by a dark figure that will stop at nothing to catch him. Person must move from left to right in order to progress.


Software get Little Nightmares for free is a single player game, but it has a lot of replayability because player can explore Maw and find new puzzles and collectibles.


Software has a lot of replayability. It has a lot of hidden secrets that are not too hard to find. There are a few different endings. Replayability is high because person can explore Maw, find new puzzles and collectibles. I believe that these Little Nightmares on Xbox one game has a lot of replayability. It is a game that is difficult, there are a lot of levels, so it is a game that can be played over and over and it is different each time. Product is challenging and I think it is a game that people would want to return to and beat.


  • How do I defeat the boss?
    Boss is defeated by having your character run to the other side of the screen without being hit.
  • What are the controls?
    Controls are up, down, left, right, and space.
  • What are the goals in downloading for free Little Nightmares?
    Goal of the game is to collect all of the coins on the screen to progress to the next level.


Overall, playing Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror game with a gameplay twist. Gameplay is only jump scares, but jump scares are good enough for me. Graphics are simple but effective. Software is set in an alternate universe of Great Britain, with world being run by an unknown corporation. Product is dark, but not too dark. Puzzles are not too difficult but still make you think. Program is easy to play, but still has a lot of depth. Product has a lot of replayability.


  • Various control schemes
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Beautiful art


  • Unfocused story
  • Lackluster voice acting
  • Lack of guidance

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